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Student Lecture on NEWMAN results

Student Lecture on NEWMAN results

  • Posted by NewMan
  • On April 12, 2021
On 6th May 2021, 4:30-6:30 pm, NEWMAN partners will held a webinar for university students. The lecture will offer an insight into the project goals and objectives and the technologies and methodologies used to achieve the validation of Nickel-free steel powders in industrial environment. The speakers will share their experiences in Powder Metallurgy and Life-Cycle Assessment with the aim to provide useful information to students for their future careers.

Here the programme:

4:30 PM Welcome

4:35 PM Introduction to NEWMAN project Giulia Broglia, CRIT

In few minutes, NEWMAN Project (Nickel frEe poWders for high perforMAnce compoNents), its goals and objectives will be presented. NEWMAN is a European project, supported by EIT Raw Materials, that aims to test and demonstrate the high mechanical performance of Nickel-free components made by powder metallurgy in industrial environment

4:45 PM Powder Metallurgy: technologies and processes Federico Della Ricca, HÖGANÄS

Höganäs will introduce the Powder Metallurgy technologies, with a focus on metal powders production and PM processes, in particular metal sintering. Nickel-free powders properties and performances will be showed as new opportunity in PM world

5:15 PM Powder Metallurgy: NEWMAN objective and results Giacomo Mazzola, UNIBO

As NEWMAN coordinator, UNIBO will show the results obtained during the first year. A series Nickel-free steel powders and sintered samples have been chemically, microstructurally and mechanically characterized. Thanks to these results, the most promising compositions have been selected to produce the prototypes to test the mechanical performances in industrial environment

5:30 PM LCA Methodologies and Applications Erasmo Cadena Martinez, GHENT UNIVERSITY

The awareness of the environmental impact of new products and material is today a essential requirement to succeed in global market. Ghent University will introduce the Life-cycle assessment methodologies and how it is applied in the industrial sectors

6:00 PM Q&A Session

6:15 PM End of the webinar

The webinar will be held on Microsoft TEAMS