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Case Studies

Within NEWMAN project, the prototypes will be demonstrated in two relevant environment: automotive and optical measurement fields



Car components require high mechanical performances and reliability to tolerate the typical stresses of on-road route. Thus, Centro Ricerche FIAT will provide its technical expertise to demonstrate the performances of Nickel-free powders in high solicitated environment. CRF will identify and select a series of conventional car components, made by traditional casting or powder metallurgy, and will re-design them to fulfil the manufacturing and performance requirements. By means of its testing laboratories and equipment, CRF will tested the component prototypes in its test bench that realistically simulate the car behaviour.



Optical measurement systems need high precise components to control and move the probe. The use of non-traditional manufacturing process, such as powder metallurgy, can enable newer and better features to the components, reaching a highest quality and reliability of the optical measurement systems. VICI, an Italian SME specialized in metrology fields, has accepted the challenge to demonstrate the highest performances of their machines, by substituting components traditionally manufactured with others made by Nickel-Free powders.