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Our Research fellows: Giacomo Mazzola

Our Research fellows: Giacomo Mazzola

  • Posted by Giulia Broglia
  • On November 18, 2020

As every project, NEWMAN has its young researchers whose effort is fundamental to achieve the project objectives and rise to everyday challanges. Here the interview to Giacomo Mazzola: one of our young research fellows who works at the Industrial Engineering Department of the University of Bologna.

European project allows young people to know about the magic world of research. Research is a quite hard work that give great success and satifaction with moment of deep sense of failure.

Name: Giacomo

In 3 words: funny, dynamic, obliging

Your worst weakness: Pizza and pasta

Main passion:  Scuba diving and travel

Your academic career: I finished my Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2018. At the moment, I am a research fellow of the Industrial Engineering Departement of the University of Bologna


How have you started working in NEWMAN project?

When I got interested in a new job at the university, the Professor Alessandro Morri, coordinator of NEWMAN project, proposed me to work at this ambitious project. After reading and understand the aim of the project I decided to follow this opportunity and come back to the university life.

Which is your role within the project?

I am the research fellow who will carry out the mechanical characterization of the alloys, and follows, step by step, the production and testing activities of the prototypes.

What expectations have you got from NEWMAN project?

This is my first European Project, so initially I didn’t know what NEWMAN would be. What I can say now is that, for sure, working together with people from other companies and countries, we will improve our skill to work in a team and to listel other people point of view. I think this is one of the most relevant skill to have today, and I hope this project will help me to improve it.

What benefits will the NEWMAN project bring in your future career?

Good question! I hope there will be many. However, I think that working at the University for an European project, could have 2 big benefits: deeply understand the subject of the project, thanks to the university approach to the experimental activities, and improve my management and organization skills. Being UNIBO project coordinator, we have the role to organize and coordinate all the activities and meetings during these two years project.