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Newman Final Press Release

On December 16th, 2021, the NEWMAN project held its final meeting at the Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Bologna. The project consortium is formed by seven partners: 2 universities, 2 research and innovation centres and 3 SMEs. The project funded by the EIT Raw Materials funding program of the European Union, has the scope […]

NEWMAN Final Meeting – 16th December 2021

Last week the NEWMAN consortium reunited for the Project’s Final Meeting at the Industrial Engineering Department of the University of Bologna, which held the meeting as Professor Alessandro Morri has coordinated the project. The meeting was physically attended by the University of Ghent, the metallic powder manufacturer Höganäs and CRIT technology consulting firm, with the […]

NEWMAN Project Seminar – Sustainable high-performance components: Ni-free powders for PM

On December 2nd, 3 -5 pm, NEWMAN partners will held an online seminar via MS Teams on “Sustainable high-performance components: Ni-free powders for PM” presenting the results of the NEWMAN project on the optimization of Ni-free powders (NFP) solution ensuring excellent mechanical properties and reliability for the manufacturing of high-performance structural components used in the […]

Student Lecture on NEWMAN results

On 6th May 2021, 4:30-6:30 pm, NEWMAN partners will held a webinar for university students. The lecture will offer an insight into the project goals and objectives and the technologies and methodologies used to achieve the validation of Nickel-free steel powders in industrial environment. The speakers will share their experiences in Powder Metallurgy and Life-Cycle Assessment […]

Our Research fellows: Giacomo Mazzola

As every project, NEWMAN has its young researchers whose effort is fundamental to achieve the project objectives and rise to everyday challanges. Here the interview to Giacomo Mazzola: one of our young research fellows who works at the Industrial Engineering Department of the University of Bologna. European project allows young people to know about the […]